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On Saturday July 12th we had the fourth Life Drawing session for the season. This time, thanks to  our model, Ghadija, we had a lovely landscape of curves to draw.

It was, once again, a wonderfully satisfying morning and everyone left feeling happy and contented, with lots of inspiration for future works of art.

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Winter Workshop – Wyn Rossouw on Colour Mixing

17 Lucky SASA members attended the workshop on 17 June, when Wyn shared her knowledge of colour mixing .

She spoke about charts for quick reference, tonal values, cool and warm tertiary colours and more.

The subject of the meaning of the wording on tube labels was touched upon and we also learned some interesting facts about the actual colours and their origins. She also demonstrated to us the wisdom of always applying colour “fat over lean” to prevent cracking.

Thank you Wyn for a superb workshop.

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Pastel Demo by USA artist Barbara Jaenicke

Interesting Pastel Demo by USA artist Barbara Jaenicke

Below are some progression shots of my demo, starting with the block-in using about 6 pastels (Nupastels and Rembrandts) then washed down with alcohol and a bristle brush. As I progressed, I added details in “large chunks” before deciding toward the end what few details needed to be even smaller, and continually checked my values for accuracy.

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Hermanus Fynarts Festival

This is a first for Hermanus and it sounds like it’s going to be a terrific event.  

Take a look at the full programme of this very different celebration of South African arts at You can also book for the various workshops through Webtickets and Hermanus Tourism –  Tel. 028 3122 629.

And SASA members Dale and Mel Elliott will be also be running a workshop –

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Ryno Swart Demo

On the 28 March SASA hosted Ryno Swart who did a demo in oil at the Athenaeum.
We had a wonderful attendance from the members, with hardly a chair left.
Ryno entertained us with stories of his time in Paris, years ago and talked us through his “still life” painting of a tea cup and small coffee pot.
Thank you Ryno for a beautiful little painting  !!

Still Life of Cup and Coffee Pot
Ryno at work
Not quite finished, but nearly there!

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Ryno Swart @ the Anthenaeum

This is a review of Ryno Swart’s book,  by Barbara Moore
He will be doing a demo the 28 March for SASA at the Athenaeum

Painting In Oils
by Ryno Swart

Ryno Swart is a master of painting in oils.  He spent many years in France, Greece, Italy and Holland and now has a delightful gallery on the main street in Simon’s Town, just past Jubilee Square.  Here you can view his exciting paintings, and even join a workshop.
I spotted Ryno’s book on one of my frequent visits to his gallery, and was enchanted at the wealth of wisdom and teaching, presented in a unique, simple and direct style that is remarkably effective. 
He has written a book as magical as the most successful painting….it says what needs to be said and no more, no less.  It gets to the heart of the matter and is peppered with pithy and relevant notes, such as:
“Half the skill of painting is leaving it alone”
“You can’t make a painting work; you can only ALLOW it to work”
“A painting must be conducted like a military campaign; planned and organised and strategised”.
The presentation of the teaching notes is unusual and works very well.  This is a book that should not lie on a coffee table or grace a bookshelf.  This is a book that should be propped up in your studio or where-ever you work, and should soon become spotted and splashed with paint.  
It contains a wealth of information from a sensitive artist who, despite rigid discipline, focus and hard work, approaches the art of painting in oils with a sensuality and a passion that reflects in his work and his teachings.
If you have Kindle on your iPad or similar, you may like to buy the book from  Unfortunately does not yet have a pricing for it.  You will need colour so a normal Kindle won’t do.  Just use the search function on Amazon for “Ryno Swart” and you’ll find it.

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Winter Workshops

When the cold weather approaches, our intrepid plein air painters pack up their sunhats and sunscreen until the next SASA arranged outing in September.

And to keep ourselves going,  indoor workshops are arranged over the May to August chilly months.

This year we were privileged to host four of SA’s leading artists in their fields.

In May, Derric van Rensburg gave us the benefit of his knowledge in the field of acrylics – a workshop that was well attended with many oohs and wows!

Derric’s workshop was followed by watercolour Master, Wallace Hulley, whose freedom and expertise with the brush gave many food for thought.

After Gavin Collins’ demo at one of our monthly meetings, there was great excitement when he agreed to give us a workshop as well.  
And then, to crown a terrific year of workshops, Dale and Mel Elliott came through from their home in Villiersdorp for a workshop in oils and acrylics.
Thank you to you all.  Every workshop was exceptional.