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Plein Air Outing to Buitenverwachting Wine Estate

On Friday 19 January a group of SASA members gathered for some plein air painting and drawing on the magnificent Buitenverwachting wine estate in the Constantia valley.







It was rather overcast and windy, but the wonderful scenery more than made up for the failings of the weather.





There was a view to inspire every artist, whether it was vineyards and mountains they were looking for, or beautiful architecture, flanked by ancient trees. There were even some chickens strutting their stuff on the lawn and begging to be captured on our wind-whipped pages.

When the elements got too much, the coffee shop and beanery offered some welcome warmth and shelter, where our artists could compare notes and have a hot drink, before leaving for home.





Thanks to Johan Pieterse for organising another very enjoyable outing.

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Plein Air Outing, 17 November






What a glorious day for plein air painting. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect if we’d ordered it specially – not too hot, or cold; windless, clear blue skies….and the colours were spectacular.







We met at Groot Constantia in the morning, though some joined us later on. A few of our party went off straight away up the hills and into the vineyards, for the breath-taking views, while the rest of us took a little longer to decide where to park ourselves.

The duck pond and buildings around it proved popular, both for our members as well as a group of mothers who’d gathered with their children. There were lots of interested little people who stopped for a chat, with gifts of duck feathers – good for painting with, by the way 🙂





We also had some not so welcome guests – a troop of baboons paid us a visit – but they were soon chased off and everyone could relax again.

Tea at Simon’s afterwards was a bit of a straggly affair, with people drifting in and out, but some of us managed to compare a few “notes”.






A lovely, relaxed and relaxing morning. Thanks Johann for organising it – we’ll have to do it again soon.

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Plein Air Outing to Nitida Winery

Thursday 26 October was cold and rainy! Great for the dams, but not so great for plein air painting, so it was a fearless few who braved the weather and gathered at “Tables” for the morning’s outing.

Some of us bundled up and worked outside, or used a car boot for protection from the rain and icy wind, while others gathered objects and took them inside for some still-life drawing.





The wine tasting room also proved to be a great place to get some drawing done, with Nitida’s wonderful wines for inspiration. We all eventually gave in and met in the restaurant, to thaw out and warm up with a nice cup of coffee beside the log fire.





Even though the weather wasn’t great, the company certainly was and some lovely work was produced. Thanks to all of you for getting there and making it such a very worthwhile and enjoyable morning. Thanks, as well, to Lynne Menge for organising it for us.

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Winter Workshop with Derric Van Rensburg

Our Winter Workshop on 26 August at the Peter Clarke Art Centre featured Derric Van Rensburg, a renowned and accomplished artist. He shared with us his own personal spin on the art of painting with acrylics.



Derric was his usual entertaining and informative self and the lucky group of SASA members who’d managed to secure their place on the workshop, enjoyed a light-hearted, yet highly rewarding day.







Derric weaved his magic, demonstrating different techniques on two landscapes and a figure study, giving us the chance to experience and experiment with his unique use of tools and materials, producing wonderfully vibrant and colourful compositions.





Thank you Derric for another successful and enjoyable event. It’s no wonder there’s always a waiting list for your workshops! 🙂

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Visit to the Donald Greig gallery and Foundry

On Thursday 8 June, we were treated to a personal tour of Donald Greig’s gallery and foundry in the Port of Cape Town. The reins of the whole venture are held in the most capable hands of Donald’s wife, Ali, who transformed an old port building into the marvelous gallery space it is today.








The gallery, which is the showroom for Donald’s wonderful wildlife sculptures, is peaceful, light and welcoming and this is where we met to begin our tour, surrounded by the creatures of Africa.

Donald and Ali took us through the complex and time-consuming process of casting a piece in bronze, using the ancient “lost wax” technique. It takes about six weeks – and a team of skilled craftsmen – to produce a finished sculpture, from the first rubber mold, through the various coatings holding the form firm, to the pouring of the molten bronze and lastly, the patina, added with chemicals and heat, to enhance the character of the particular piece.

Thank you Donald and Ali, for a truly inspiring tour and Helen Van Stolk for arranging it for us.



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Plein Air Painting at Scarborough Beach

The morning of Tuesday 4 April surprised us all with rain and mist, but after a much needed soaking, the weather cleared. Rain umbrellas turned into sunshades, outer layers of clothing were shed and our outing could go ahead as planned.

The beach was beautifully warm and clear, the sea a sparkling blue. There were lovely contrasts between the sea, white sand and huge red rocks, with just a little residual mist hanging about the mountains, for extra atmospheric effect.







Each of us found the perfect spot, with the perfect view to paint, producing seascapes and landscapes, or a combination of the two.








Thanks to Yvonne Ankerman for doing the arranging and to the brave SASA members who took a chance on the weather. Thanks, as well, to Ronnie for the great photos.


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Deep South Studio Visits

The first of our studio visits for 2017 happened on Friday 17 February, when a group of artists met in Glencairn Heights, at the home of our own bold adventurer, Yvonne Ankerman.

Yvonne spoke to us about her passion for plein air painting and let us browse through her many, beautifully filled sketch books. Surrounded as she is, by the most magnificent views, it’s a wonder Yvonne ever leaves her studio, let alone ventures as far as the South Pole!


Our next stop was Karin Davel’s lovely creative space, which is a treasure trove of beautiful things. Karin works in many, varying media, intriguing us all with her demonstration, in which she used a sewing machine to produce a picture of an aloe. We were served a lovely tea with snacks, which we enjoyed, looking out over the bay.

Ronnie Biccard’s colourful home in Fishhoek was the last stop on our agenda. Ronnie told us about her journey as an artist and the inspiration that leads her to work as she does. She showed us the unique range of hand painted bags she calls “Art on Your Arm” and her brightly decorated furniture, which enhances her “happy space”.

The light lunch she served was the perfect end to an enlightening morning. Thanks to the three hosting artists and to Michele Batchelder for arranging it all.