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2015 Annual General Meeting

The SASA AGM was held at the Athenaeum on Thursday 26 February.


 Our current president, Linda Howe-Ely, delivered her “State of the Society” address and announced
 her resignation from the post, after serving in various positions on the council for 12 years. Thanks
 Linda for all those years, we’re going to miss you. She thanked the other two outgoing council
 members – Denzil Haenow and Solly Gutman – and welcomed the incoming members to the council.

After the serious business of the meeting was concluded,
the attending members cast their votes for their favourites
in the annual drawing competition. This year’s theme was
“Coffee”, a subject which could have many different

When all the votes were tallied, the winners were…. in third
place Drexler Kyzer, with his drawing entitled “Coffee Break”,
second place went to Taubelle Gersh for “Better Latte Than Never”
and Craig Paton-Ash was the winner with his beautiful still-life,
“B1 for Coffee”.

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First SASA Meeting for 2015

On Thursday 29 January, we held our first members’ meeting for 2015. Welcome back everyone.

Our guest “speaker” was Vicki Norcliffe, who demonstrated her wonderful technique for creating portraits in pastels.

Vicki’s first step was arranging and lighting her model, Desire, who always does a great job of sitting for us!

The audience was captivated as Vicki, starting with a few carefully placed charcoal lines and, using swift strokes of colour, which were blended, smudged and overlaid, built her portrait in a remarkably short space of time.

I’m sure there are many of our members who’ll be doing some experimenting with pastels. Thank you Vicki, for sharing your fresh approach and giving us a new set of creative “tools” to work with


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September Monthly Meeting

      On Thursday 25 September the judges from
      the selection weekend – Riaan Cronje, Jenny
      Parsons and David Oertel – joined us at our
      members’ meeting to critique works which
      had been presented for selection, but not
      necessarily been chosen for the annual

They explained their personal criteria for the
allocation of points and what they looked for
in an artwork. We were shown what makes an
artwork work well and what doesn’t.


      They all did a fine job of offering
      constructive criticism. Not only showing
      us the faults in a painting, but giving us a
      way of correcting them too.


 Many queries were very satisfactorily 
 answered and solutions given.

 It was a most useful and informative evening
 for all who attended. Thanks, judges.

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AUGUST MONTHLY MEETING – Lyn Northam on plein air painting

Lyn Northam – a SASA Fellow – came to
speak to us at the August meeting and, literally and figuratively, unpacked her plein air painting bag in front of a crowded house.

         She gave us the benefit of her years of experience of
         outdoor painting, sharing her secrets regarding
         equipment, as well as tips on where to go and what
         to avoid.

Lyn’s sketchbooks provided valuable
information on the planning of a plein air painting and gave us an insight into her
thought processes concerning choice of
palette and composition.


     Lyn believes that to be a plein air 
     artist it helps to be slightly mad!
     To capture the nuances of light in
     clouds and mist, you have to be
     out there, so ignore the weather
     forecast and go anyway.

She urges us to “Pick more daisies and smell the sea spray.”

Thank you Lyn, for the inspiration. I’m sure you’ll soon
be seeing a lot more of us packing up and “venturing into
the great outdoors”.

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   The monthly meeting for July was a great 
   platform for our annual “Landscape, Life and
   Still-life” competition. We had numerous entries
   for each category, varying widely in style and

   So many of the works presented were of such
   high standard, it made choosing a favourite very

 A big “Thank You” must go to Lesley Charnock and Inge Semple, two experienced art teachers and SASA members, who very kindly agreed to give a brief critique on each painting submitted. A mammoth task!

They had wonderful words of wisdom to share with us and very positive, constructive criticism for each artwork.

First prize for the “Portrait” went to Penny Steynor for her watercolour portrait, with which Lesley and Inge could find no fault. Beautifully done Penny.

Laura Wenman, most deservedly, won First Prize in both the “Still-life” and the “Landscape” categories. Her distinctive, loose style and lovely sense of colour adapt well to any chosen subject matter.

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June Monthly Meeting

Hanien Conradie’s words and works put a new spin on “flower-painting” for us.

Her illustrated talk took us through its history and the difference between what would be called flower painting, botanical painting and landscape.

Hanien spoke of her passion for indigenous flora and its protection. She also described the research and thought process leading to her current body of work, which will be presented in November for her Master’s Degree. Her paintings have become more about their meaning for her and the feelings they invoke, rather than the visual image.

Thank you Hanien for sharing your inspiration with us.

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May Monthly Meeting

What a night!  

Artist, teacher and gallery owner, Lesley Charnock regaled us with her trials and tribulations about using a sketch book and how she had to overcome her own reticence about using one in public when she spent a two month sabbatical at the Cite in Paris.

From just that little sketch book, came some wondrous work – and that was the message Lesley wanted to impart – the absolute importance of sketching daily.  Take your sketch book with you wherever you go.  Sketch anything and everything and never mind what it looks like.  It’s your practice tool and the high road to becoming a really good artist.

Thank you Lesley – it really was a great night!

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The February Meeting

Don’t forget that next week we’ll be holding both our AGM – AND our drawing competition.

The rules and regs are in the latest newsletter, but a re-cap on the basic information –

The theme is Flotsam and Jetsam – so hope you’ve been picking up bits and pieces from the beach during your holidays!

You can only vote for your favourite piece if you are there

Please mount your work otherwise it flops around and will probably get lost or torn

 Because it’s a Drawing Competition, only monochrome images are allowed – so if you fancy green, the whole drawing must be done in green!  But no paint, no solvents, only drawing materials

And this one is serious – you must own or have written permission to use any pictorial reference material.  Copyright infringement is an offence.

Even if you don’t participate in the drawing competition, please make an effort to attend this very important, once-a-year, Annual General Meeting.

See you there.