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November Members’ Meeting





2017 has flown by and we held the final SASA members’ meeting for the year on Thursday 30 November. The November meeting is traditionally a more relaxed evening, with an informal layout, wine and snacks to be enjoyed throughout the evening and an art quiz to get our brains buzzing.







Thanks to Wyn Rossouw for the (what we thought was a) challenging quiz. Nicely done Wyn and thanks for giving us the “easier” version. Really tested our art knowledge and sent us scurrying back to our reference books when we got home!

We had some beautiful entries for the annual Eleanor Palmer Competition and a difficult job choosing our favourites.






Chosen by your peers, by secret ballot, the winners were… third place, Mandy Herdien, second was Sonja Rivett-Carnac and our winner of the trophy for this year was Grazyna Janik. Well done to all three of you. Wonderful work.





Thanks to those who participated and to all who brought the very tasty plates of snacks to feed us all during the evening. Enjoy the festive season, however and whatever you may be celebrating and we’ll see you in the new year.

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End of Year Function and Eleanor Palmer Competition

On Thursday 30 November, our last members’ meeting for 2017, we will be holding our end of year function at the Athenaeum. As well as the annual Eleanor Palmer competition, there will be drinks and snacks and a bit of light-hearted fun. See November SASA newsletter for details.

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John Pace on John Pace







At our October Members’ Meeting, we were fortunate to have 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award winner, John Pace, talking about what makes him tick. Owner and art director of the creative agency “At Pace”, family man and erstwhile Sunday painter, John considers himself the luckiest man alive, to have won this award.

John’s comfortably relaxed speaking style and his light-hearted approach to himself and his work, kept his audience captivated, as he walked us down his path of experience. He spoke about his life, his family and his painting process, which is for him, a ceaseless learning curve.

His “studio” is a converted kitchen island on wheels, which he trundles from one room to another at home, as the need arises. His inspiration is what he sees around him and his reference, the photographs he takes.





Thank you John, for your time, for sharing all this with us and sending us home happy and inspired.


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September Monthly Meeting

The SASA members’ meeting for September was held on Thursday the 28th, at the Athenaeum, when our members were educated and entertained by Yvonne Ankerman.

Yvonne demonstrated for us, her particular method of painting flowers in oils, using only a palette knife and sosatie stick.







On a ready-painted, coloured acrylic background, she showed us how she quickly and effectively, builds her composition – a field of wild-flowers this time – using a limited colour palette and relatively few strokes of her palette knife.

The very loose and completely “unprecious” composition came together very nicely at the end, with the addition of a few linear marks for extra interest and scratched lines produced by her sosatie stick.








Thank you, Yvonne, for presenting us with a lovely, light-hearted way of expressing ourselves in paint.

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July SASA Members’ Meeting

The SASA members’ meeting was held on Thursday 27 July at the Athenaeum. It proved to be a very entertaining evening.

Di Metcalfe and Catherine Moss, of Artsauce, kicked off the proceedings with a presentation of their “Sketchpack Project”, which they run every year around this time. You get a little zig-zag sketch pad with space for a sketch a day for a month. A wonderful way to get you into the habit of sketching every day and to be a part of the exhibition of these wonderfully creative works, at the end of it all.

Next up was the “Alla Prima Landscape, Life and Still-Life Competition”. Entries had to have been drawn, or painted from life, in one sitting. A challenge for any artist, but we had many beautiful and skillfully executed entries.








While the members’ votes were being tallied, we were given a crit of each entry, by the most experienced double act of Margie Johnson and Laura Wenman. Thank you, you two, for your very informative, constructive – and sometimes hilarious – input for the evening. It was much appreciated by all who attended and especially those whose work was on display. You gave us much insight into the way the use of colour, tone and light can enhance, or detract from a composition. We all learned a lot that evening.

Then, of course we have the winners! In the still life category, first place went to Wyn Rossouw, second was Grazyna Janik and third, Penny Steynor. 

In the life drawing category, Penny Steynor was in first place, second was Christopher Reid and third was Tressan Vermunder.

In the landscape category, first place was awarded to Beth Lowe, second to Grazyna Janik and in third place, Penny Steynor. Well done to all the winners!

A big thank you must go to Gavin Van Winsen of “Winsen’s Canvases”, who donated the beautiful Belgian Linen canvases, which were given as prizes and I’m sure, which the winners can’t wait to work on.

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Demo by Derric Van Rensburg

If you made it to the SASA Members’ meeting last night – the 29th of June – you had a real treat! OK, so there was a pile-up on the N2 and our main attraction got diverted back to Stellenbosch and eventually got here via Belville and Goodwood, but get here, he did!

We had a back-to-front meeting and did the tea thing first, so by the time Derric arrived, we were all relaxed and well-fed – thanks Mary, for being so flexible with your catering 🙂

Starting with a canvas board, coated in streaky yellow and a box-full of very big, blonde brushes, Derric showed us how it’s done with acrylics.

Interspersing each with light-hearted banter, he added layer upon glorious layer of brightly coloured paint, using every kind of tool, other than we’d have expected to see.

Apart from his hardware-store brushes, he had blades and cardboard for scraping off paint and adding texture and even a window washing implement for spreading paint. I think the only time he used an actual “proper” artist’s paintbrush, was for the white stripe on the road.

The end result was an impressionistic landscape, amazingly loose and vibrant from close-up, which came beautifully into focus as one stepped backwards.

Thanks Derric, for a wonderfully enlightening and entertaining evening.

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May SASA Members’ Meeting






We had a marvelously entertaining evening with Karin Davel at the Athenaeum, on Thursday 25 May.


She gave us a fun-filled demonstration of some of her unusual mixed-media methods.

Karin’s engaging personality and lightness of spirit are reflected in the light-hearted approach to her work. She believes making art should be a fun experience and makes it so, and in doing so, makes it fun for her audience as well. The hall rang with laughter and our members were quite reluctant to leave the joyful atmosphere behind, even for the wonderful tea provided by Mary.

The tools she uses are not always those made specifically for that purpose, but get the job done rather well – we learned a very interesting new way to use a credit card – and found objects such as feathers and pieces of string can make very interesting marks too.

A very big thank you, Karin, for a lovely demo and we look forward to seeing the finished painting when you’ve completed it to your satisfaction.

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April Members’ Meeting





On 27 April, Skye Kennedy, of the “Italian Artshop” gave us a fascinating talk on art accoutrements and accessories. Skye is obviously passionate about her subject and shared with us her in-depth knowledge of the vast range of products she stocks in her shop……and yes, she assures us, she has tried them all out!








She spoke about the formulation of different products and what would make one brand so much more expensive – sometimes up to ten times more – than another. It’s all about the quality of the components used in creating the product and also the method used . Some paints, for example, are totally hand-made, or made with pure pigment, while others are mass-produced, or made with mixed pigments, resulting in a huge difference in quality and therefore, price.







After her talk, Skye answered all the questions from our members and everyone ended up with notebooks full of tips and new things to try out and experiment with. Thank you Skye for a very interesting and informative evening.